July 15, 2010

Wednesday 14.7.

French delegation:

Today it was our national day and that is why we wanted to be the delegation of the day. In the morning, journalists from the local newspaper “Vartti” came to the campsite. They shared with us their experience as journalists and taught us some important things to know to be a good journalist. Indeed, a journalist has to be critical for himself but also for the people who read his article. In groups we were ment to write and take a picture to create our article. Every group worked on different topics as football, music, freedom of education…

Cheers from Lyne, Chloe, Nils, Paul and Soraya.


  1. Hello French Delegation,

    I hope all is good for you. You all seem to be in great form!
    Here it's very hot (35°) and we are very happy to see news about you.
    Can we reach you on an other e-mail adress?
    Marie-Pierre Cendré

  2. camp email address