July 16, 2010

Travelling alone… at 14?!?

Most of the youth in CISV likes travelling. While going to the CISV camps (like the one where we are now, in Lappeenranta) you have to travel alone. We think it´s very positive that youth does it. The parents often think that is too dangerous for the kids to travel without them. We, on the other hand, think that travelling alone makes you become more responsible and self confident. You have to solve the problems by yourself and take responsibility for your decisions. You can also practice your English because you are alone in a foreign country and the only way to communicate is by speaking English. During your period alone you don’t just learn new experiences but you also learn to get to know yourself better. Most of the youth in CISV have travelled alone since the age of 11, and sometimes you can see the differences with the other kids that don`t participate in CISV programs because CISV people are more open-minded.

Halston Abbott (13) from Mexico says: “It is a great thing for the youth to travel all around the world when being young because when you get older you get married and have kids, and it is not that easy to travel around the world as when you were younger.”

Marte Haugsdal (14) from Norway thinks “That there is some bad things by travelling alone because you can get money problems and you can get lost very easily without an older person guiding you; and you can also have problems that you can´t solve by yourself. But it´s also always a positive experience.”

Stefania Orsi (14) from Italy, thinks that´s a great thing to travel without your parents, but when you come back home it is a bit strange to get used to the normal life with your family.

We all from CISV camp consider each other very lucky to have the confidence from our parents. They let us come to the camp and of course to be chosen to come because there are so many teenagers who wish they could have come.

Stefania Orsi (14) Italy, Heidi Huitula (14) Finland, Marte Haugsdal (14) Norway, Vilde Brattabö (14) Norway, Halston Abbott (13) Mexico, Wilma Lindström (14) Finland

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