July 29, 2010

It´s time to say goodbye

Friday was our last day at camp and it was full of emotions. The first activity was still planned by the youth, it was "massage"-game, where we had to do different kind of tasks to get relaxing massage. All the time massage was little bit better and in the end they surprised us by throwing water on us instead of giving massage. This game got different interpretations, but the idea was to give warning example of drug-using. We also spent long time (3 hours!!) writing messages for each others notebooks, thoughts about the camp…There was so much to say! We also got to know our mysterious Monitos who had been sending letters to us.

Late in the night we were going through all the nice memories and happenings by sitting in a circle and giving everyone possibility to tell his best memory of the camp. It was dark and peaceful and everyone light a candle when it was his turn to speak. From these candles we made a big Peace sign. It was beautiful ending for amazing camp. The leaving next morning was full of tears and hugs and crying. But even the time goes, the happy memories of this unique summer in Taipalsaari will always be part of us. Thank you all for making this camp so special and unforgettable!

-Sanna and the staff

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