July 16, 2010


Nowadays, many teenagers love music. But do you think you really know a lot about bands all over the world? Here we are going to introduce some bands of different styles from different countries.

France: We will introduce you David Guetta, a French house producer and DJ. His Music style are House and Electro-house . He was born in 7 November 1967. He began his music career in 1984 in nightclubs, now he is the 3rd best DJ of the world. Here are some songs from the world known DJ : ‘Memories’ (feat Kid CuDi ), ‘I gotta Feeling’ (feat Black Eyed Peas ), ‘Getting Over’ ( feat Fergie ).
When I listen to his music, I want to dance, jump and have a party!

Greece: Space Odyssey is a greek Uplifting Trance group that is made of 3 Djs. They play music since 1995. 10 years ago they were really famous, everyone from 15-20 years old knew them and listened to their music. Nowdays they are not that much famous but teens still listen to them. Their music is pretty good for dancing clubs or partys even though people have matched this music with drugs, but that’s not true!
One good track from this group is : Space Odyssey-Memories.(1996)
This music makes me feel free, the beat and the melody of this kind of music makes my fantasy works and my body moves without thinking.

Norway: Kurt Nilsen was born in Bergen year 29th September 1978. He is a Norwegian singer that won the Norwegian version of Idol in 2003. He also won the world-Idol with a song called ‘she`s so high’ in 2004.

some of the song he has sung: she`s so high
rise to the occasion
push push
hallelujah (cover with Espen lind, Askil holm and alejandro Fuentes)
and he has several more songs but i can`t name them all.

When i first heard him sing I thought he was a good singer and i liked his music style.

Ignite the Hope is a local underground band which plays post-hardcore music in Hong Kong. It formed in 2007. It has four members, Henry (vocals and bass), Lun (guitar), KinHo (guitar) and Nicky (drums and screams). Henry, Lun and KinHo had been friends for a long time. Once they were in the concert, they met Nicky and form Ignite the Hope.
Nicky(The drummer of the band) said, “ Each of us shares the same vision and goal, as well as similar taste in music. It is also our friendship that binds us to close each other.”
Although it plays alternate music, they are popular in Hong Kong. Ignite the Hope represents the hope of people. It hopes people all over the world can have a hope in their heart even you are in difficulty.
Nicky also said, “If I have to choose a song to represent my band, I will choose the “Can You Hear the Words of Innocence” because when we wrote the song, we often heard news about abandoned children and babies. In this song, we are questioning why those irresponsible parents could be so ruthless as to giving up their innocent children.”

When I first heard its songs, I did not feel good. The songs are really annoying. But after I listen to those songs again and again, I feel excited and full of power!

Writers: Nils 14 years old, France ; Dicky 14 years old, Hong Kong; Lars 14 years old, Norway ; Iasonas 15 years old, Greece; Paul 14 years old,France

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