July 29, 2010

It´s time to say goodbye

Friday was our last day at camp and it was full of emotions. The first activity was still planned by the youth, it was "massage"-game, where we had to do different kind of tasks to get relaxing massage. All the time massage was little bit better and in the end they surprised us by throwing water on us instead of giving massage. This game got different interpretations, but the idea was to give warning example of drug-using. We also spent long time (3 hours!!) writing messages for each others notebooks, thoughts about the camp…There was so much to say! We also got to know our mysterious Monitos who had been sending letters to us.

Late in the night we were going through all the nice memories and happenings by sitting in a circle and giving everyone possibility to tell his best memory of the camp. It was dark and peaceful and everyone light a candle when it was his turn to speak. From these candles we made a big Peace sign. It was beautiful ending for amazing camp. The leaving next morning was full of tears and hugs and crying. But even the time goes, the happy memories of this unique summer in Taipalsaari will always be part of us. Thank you all for making this camp so special and unforgettable!

-Sanna and the staff

Camp photo

July 23, 2010

Thursday 22.7.

Today Mexico was the delegation of the day so we got to wake the whole camp up. We had flag time. Then we ate breakfast. After that it was Greece’s cultural activity. In that activity they talked about the problems they are having in Greece. It was very interesting because in Mexico we never hear about Greece. At the second activity it was Mexico’s cultural activity. What we did was every delegation had to make their traditional dress on a doll. All those turned out great! And we think everyone enjoyed it. Later for the third activity we will have matches of soccer that should be fun. Then we go back for snack and flagtime. Tonight we have unlimited sleeping time. We will go swimming at night and well we don’t think anyone will sleep. Have a great afternoon!
Adios Hasta la vista!

Wednesday 21.7.

Delegation of the day: Italy

Today’s activities were very interesting and funny. We had to be creative and use our fantasy to play campaigns against different topics: drugs, alcohol, smoking, violence, eating disorders and depression. For a short time we could transform ourselves into actors and directors. It was exciting, at the end of the day, to catch the results of our work. All the videos we made were awesome! The second activity, called “Fantasy TV” was also based on acting. Every delegation had to perform one TV-program of their country. But the most interesting part of the day was Hong Kong’s cultural activity! We learned a lot about this beautiful country and had a possibility to write some words in Chinese!

July 21, 2010

Tuesday 20.7.

At radio studio
At TV-studio

Delegation of the day: Hong Kong

There are only three days left in the CISV Summer camp. Today is the shopping day. We got up fifteen minutes earlier than usual. Most of us couldn't get up so it's a really difficult job to wake up all.

Before the first activity, we sang birthday song of each country to our staff, Sanna. The mission of the first activity was taking some special photos in the camp site. Then we needed to write down our memories of each photo. This reacalled all our memories in these days.

We first went to the radio and TV studio in Lappeenranta. We had learnt many things from this visit. We also went to Vartti office to see how to make a newspaper. We are excited to see our articles written in the last week is going to be published tomorrow! After the visit, we went shopping in Lappeeranta. All of us bought many things for ourselves and family. We felt so tired after the shopping...

We came back to camp site for dinner. Then there was Italy's cultural activity. They performed a drama to show us the news about Italian teenagers. Everyone enjoyed their drama very much.

It's time to say goodbye...

Monday 19.7.

Today Greece was the delegation of the day. As for the first activity we had our third camp meeting. Then we had a little bazaar were we trade things from our countries.
For the second activity Finland presented her cultural activity, we had a long discussion about various topics such as drugs, alcohol, suicide, series on t.v. and songs.

The third activity was call "peace and war". We were divided in groups and we had to build a city by different materials.
Then each group had to decide if and how was going to destroy a city of another group. It was a stimulation game.
After that we had a discussion about our experience. And we all agreed that we had to make green cities. We also talk about the reasons of war and how we can stop them.

Before going to bed we were waiting for the leaders to finish their meeting and we made a joke to them. We all had fun!!!

July 19, 2010

Sunday 18.7. Open Day

Delegation of the day: Finland

Today it was the Open Day. We cleaned the whole camp site and got ready for the guests. Lots of people came here and we showed them our camp site. We all had our own tables with stuff from our own countries. In the evening we said goodbye to staffmember Hanna who left the camp. Then we had some freetime outside in the playground.