July 15, 2010

Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.

picture 1: Heidi Uuttana

picture 2: Kiran Bräunig

Equal opportunity to get an education is not always a matter of course.

Whether it be Germany, Finland, Mexico or the USA, all of our school systems seem to pose some problems. Equal opportunity is not always in the picture, and we speak for all children left behind.

Here in Finland everyone has the same opportunity to get an education at any level, but in Mexico, things are a lot of different.

If you want your child to receive an education fell of extra-curricular features, paying for a private school is your best option.

Sarai (35) said: “Every time I travel to a different place, I realized about their educational systems, and feel upset with our schooling program. I don’t understand why parents had to pay a lot of money to give me education I deserve if they paid their taxes for this reason.”

In addition to Finland, Germany has also free education for all, yet young children are pressured by the fact they must chose a school right for them, at such a young age.

Kiran and Elena also said: “Your chances of getting into Gymnasium are higher if your parents are more educated, even if you aren’t so smart yourself.”

In the United States everyone should be able to have the same opportunity in education, but in some places, school systems are lacking financial aid, which leads to crucial cuts in children’s curriculum.

Dante and Christine (CC) say: “Where we live, teachers are becoming scarcer every year and so is the amount of kids graduating high school. Important programs like arts, music, and drama are also being cut. Unfortunately, these are vital in childhood growth.

In the end, things will take a while before change is fully enacted, but thankfully the youth is now raising their voice.

Group members: Kiran Bräunig (14, Germany), Elena Stulz (14,Germany), Heidi Uuttana (Finland), Dante Cardenas (14, USA), Christine Brennan (14, USA), Sarai Mota Acosta (Mexico)

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