July 17, 2010

Jungle of Society

We are the new generation, the ones that are expected to change what the old era has destroyed. We are not given a choice, only responsibility. Society is a big source of responsibility and expectations. One society is school but there is a world outside of school and we live in that one too. As a teenager your school is a jungle. Some people have to fight to survive but belonging in a group makes you feel accepted. The pressures of clothing and looks or money and differences, can affect a person in many ways such as self-esteem. You are places into categories by what you wear, what interests you have, what music you like, or even your hair style. But everyone is different and if you choose or feel unique you are considered a loner or an outcast yet diversity is what makes this world go round.

Made by: Lexis Williams (14 years, USA), Lyne Brenac (14 years, France), Magdalini Lappa (14 years, Greece), Franca Altmann (14 years, Germany), Skyler Bailey (14 years, USA), Persefoni Zugomala, 14 years, Greece), Daisy Lee (24 years, USA)

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