July 12, 2010

Sunday 11.7.

Delegation of the Day: Hong Kong

Today was a little bit different. We were divided into two groups: Rich and Poor.
The rich people had to dress nicely and they were served by the poor people.
And the special arrangement lasted for the whole day...

The first activity was held in the lake. We discussed the meaning of our camp theme: 'Youth in Media'. Then we had to act what we had talked about. We now understand more about the theme. Then, we can do what we had waited for a long time: swimming! yay!

We had our second camp meeting after swimming. It was no longer held by the leaders, but the youth! The youth can learn how to comprimise everyone's request.

The last activity was the debriefing of our Rich and Poor Day. Each delegation shared the uneven distribution of property and welfare policy in their own country. We were glad to share our feelings.

Oh, one more thing, today was the final game of World Cup!
All of us gathered in the cosy room to watch the game!

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