July 16, 2010

Football connecting global friendship

Football manages to gather people for example during the world cup everybody is supporting their national team and a special atmosphere of friendship is created all around the world. And for the people who don’t have the chance to have their national team in the contest, they are implied in this event because they support their favourite team.
Johnny a 14 years old finish boy told : “Even if Finland was not playing in the contest I felt united with the other nations since I watched the games and supported the Spanish team”. As participants of this CISV summer camp, we can also experienced this special connection that football creates between people. Maria, a Mexican teenager said: “I like to play football during our free time in the camp because I can enjoy the sport but also hang out with people that I want to get to know!” Whatever your race, whatever your belonging and whatever your social position in front of a football game all these differences are erased.

made by: Arne Hadler-Olsen up (Norway), Johnny Graeffe right side (Finland), Axel Söderberg down (Finland), Lovis Engel left side (Germany), Soraya Daiber (France)

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