July 21, 2010

Monday 19.7.

Today Greece was the delegation of the day. As for the first activity we had our third camp meeting. Then we had a little bazaar were we trade things from our countries.
For the second activity Finland presented her cultural activity, we had a long discussion about various topics such as drugs, alcohol, suicide, series on t.v. and songs.

The third activity was call "peace and war". We were divided in groups and we had to build a city by different materials.
Then each group had to decide if and how was going to destroy a city of another group. It was a stimulation game.
After that we had a discussion about our experience. And we all agreed that we had to make green cities. We also talk about the reasons of war and how we can stop them.

Before going to bed we were waiting for the leaders to finish their meeting and we made a joke to them. We all had fun!!!

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