July 21, 2010

Tuesday 20.7.

At radio studio
At TV-studio

Delegation of the day: Hong Kong

There are only three days left in the CISV Summer camp. Today is the shopping day. We got up fifteen minutes earlier than usual. Most of us couldn't get up so it's a really difficult job to wake up all.

Before the first activity, we sang birthday song of each country to our staff, Sanna. The mission of the first activity was taking some special photos in the camp site. Then we needed to write down our memories of each photo. This reacalled all our memories in these days.

We first went to the radio and TV studio in Lappeenranta. We had learnt many things from this visit. We also went to Vartti office to see how to make a newspaper. We are excited to see our articles written in the last week is going to be published tomorrow! After the visit, we went shopping in Lappeeranta. All of us bought many things for ourselves and family. We felt so tired after the shopping...

We came back to camp site for dinner. Then there was Italy's cultural activity. They performed a drama to show us the news about Italian teenagers. Everyone enjoyed their drama very much.

It's time to say goodbye...

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