July 10, 2010

Saturday 10.7.

Today we had a bit different day than usually because right in the morning
we left from the camp and made an excursion to Lappeenranta city.

First we visited the fortress-area and heard some facts about the history of this fortress and why this city has been an important place already before Finland became an independent country.
After this some of our staff had planned an activity to get to know the
town and learn problemsolving and cooperation skills.
All the youth and leaders were devided in to groups in which they did some orientiering with photos of different places. There were also some tricky questions, such as what are things called vety and atomi?
To sort out these questions, teams had to take contact to the local people.
Wheather was really sunny and hot, luckily they were selling some ice cream at the harbour.
In the end we also got possibility to see little part of finnish weddings in the city centre!


Relaxing after the race in Lappeenranta

Having picnic by the fortress area


  1. Hello everyone!

    Greetings from Lappeenranta downtown. It was a pleasure to meet you all today at sandcastle "pit stop". Y all together made a great team and I was also pleased to hear some positive comments from the local people ab your appearance. Have a nice rest of the camp!!

    BR, S&V

  2. The staff wants to thank all local volunteers who helped us today. Kiitos!!!