July 19, 2010

Saturday 17.7.

it's Norway that's is speaking here. We were the delegation of the day yesterday. Sorry for that we didn't write anything on the blog yesterday, but we got a big surprise so we didn't have time to write. So we will do it today. (This was written on Sunday evening.)
We woke up the people with Lars opera, and some were annoyed and some were laughing... First activity was Germany's cultural activity. We learned much about Germany. The second activity was our cultural activity. We think and hope that others learned about media in Norway.
We had tacos for dinner, FINALLY! In the third activity we were spending outside, because staff was poisoning the ants. That was what leaders had told us... But when we came inside from the flagtime, had the leaders planned us a surprise Casino-party. We danced, playedin Casino and got married. It was a fun day!


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