July 16, 2010

Is it a right way for Alex Rodriguez to win prize by taking steroids?

Alex Rodriguez, one of the most valuable all round baseball player, has admitted to using steroid on February 2009. SHOCK!!! He has broken all heart of his fan!!! For this he can’t play baseball for 3 seasons (3 years).

League players use steroid
Picture taken by Lorenzo Gaiba and Giorgio Gottardi

Early in 2003, Sport illustrated reported that former Mariner Alex Rodriguez was tested positive for two anabolic steroids. This disappointed his fans and Alex Rodriguez himself a lot. Alex Rodriguez has been one of the 104 league players out of 1200 whose tested positive for the 2003 drug test. Due to the fact that over 5% of the sample results taken from the league players in 2003 were positive, in 2004 there were tests for the major league players, penalties were issued for the steroid users. But still, is this a good way to solve problems that league players taking steroids, affecting the fairness of a baseball game?

During the same year, Alex won the most valuable all round baseball player. Is this related to the intake of steroid? Since the case was opened to the public, he finally admitted he took steroids.

Alex Rodriguez was born in the Washington Heights section of New York City (July 27, 1975). He started his baseball life as he was studying in high school. Until 1996 Alex Rodriguez got his first full season. At the same year, he became as a star player. He has been playing third base for the NEW YORK YANKEES since 2004.

‘I did take a banned substance and for that. I’m very sorry’ Rodriguez said.

‘I was stupid, I was naive. I wanted to prove to everyone I was worth being one of the greatest players of all time’ Rodriguez said ‘I’m guilty of being negligent and naive and not asking the right questions.’

Lorenzo (14 years old) from Italy think that he has lost the confidence from his team, the NEW YORK YANKEES. Using steroid to win prize is never acceptable!

Michael (14 years old) from Greece said ‘Steroids are bad because they destroy your life and even make you fatal.’

Article by Ricky Lau and Sharon Mok form Hong Kong, Michael Pexlibanidis from Greece, Lorenzo Gaiba and Giorgio Gottardi from Italy.

Source (information from): Wikipedia & ABCNews

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