July 10, 2010

Friday 9.7.

Greek delegation

Today it was our delegation day and the handicapped day,
so we dedicated this day to handicapped people.
For the first activity we separated the participants in groups of different disabilities,like blind people, people with one foot etc. This was a role playing activity and it helped us to understand how these people feel and the difficulties they had to face.
We also had an intense discussion about how the media and society in different countries respond to this theme. For better understanding we participated in a scavenger hunt, where we used small exercises to embrase our role plays and cooperate. This was very usefull for us because we realised how importand it is for the handicapped to be helped and overcome their problems.
At last, we had an activity where we concluded this topic about handicapped
with a game of teamwork and fun.

Finally as a greek team we came to the conclusion
that C.I.S.V may also mean Cooperation.Invision.Socialising.Variety. :)

Kalinihta from Greek Delegation(GOODNIGHT)

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